Since 1894



On February 7th, 1894, forty six charter members met under the direction of Rev. Carl Roth in order to found Immanuel Baptist Church.

Immanuel was founded as a mission outreach of the First German Baptist Church to further reach and minister to the growing German-speaking population of New York City.  Immanuel was incorporated on April 15th, 1897 and became self-supporting in April of 1902.

For nearly fifty years Immanuel directed its ministry almost exclusively towards the German-speaking community. During the 1940's, however, its ministry began to expand, beginning with an English Sunday Evening Service in 1942, and the regular German services were discontinued in 1980.  A Hispanic Bible class was first established in 1983, and we have had ethnic ministries ever since.

Immanuel has become a gathering place for individuals of all nationalities. Today the congregation truly reflects the demographics of the neighborhood with a variety of cultures and languages spoken. No matter what your background, our church feels like home.

Our church was founded with the express purpose "to focus in on knowing Christ and making Him known" in accordance with the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20; therefore:


We see people gathering together from different backgrounds worshiping God as one body. People are moving from unbelief to core spiritual leaders through intentional discipleship, small groups, service, and church planting. We reflect the love of God through serving the community and our world.


Our aim is to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ beginning with our international community of Queens.


Lineage of Senior Pastors

Rev. Carl Roth                              1894 - 1899

Rev. H. Rexroth                            1899 - 1901

Rev. H. Pastoret                           1902 - 1909

Rev. F. Knorr                                1910 - 1918

Rev. Carl Roth                              1918 - 1921

Rev. Fred W. Becker                    1921 - 1934

Dr. Herbert Gezork                       1934 - 1935

Rev. Herman Kaaz (Interim)          1935 - 1936

Rev. John G. Draewell (Interim)    1935 - 1936

Rev. John E. Grypo                      1936 - 1947

Rev. Assaf Husmann                    1947 - 1965

Dr. Herbert Hiller                           1965 - 1971

Rev. H. Peter Ristau                      1971 - 1972

Rev. John Reimer (Interim)            1972 - 1974 

Rev. Ulrich Laser                           1973 - 1980

Dr. Heinz Rossol                            1981 - 1990

Rev. R.I. Thompson (Interim)         1991 - 1991

Rev. William V. Malick                    1991 - 1997

Rev. Donald Brushweiler (Interim)  1998 - 1999

Dr. Gilbert D. Vitaliz                        1999 - 2014

Rev. Edens Kebreau                       2015 - Present




We built our first church building at 413 East 75th Street and dedicated it in August of 1905.  The growth we experienced in the fifties required us to build a larger facility. In 1956 a building fund was started and in 1958 Immanuel purchased 215 x 100 ft. lot for $34,000.  Ground broke on the building Sept. 10th 1961 and the building was dedicated on October 7th, 1962.  To pay for the construction, Immanuel issued bonds at 4% interest per annum to members and friends.  Praise God for the sacrificial giving and commitment of our forefathers. God ultimately used them to spread the Gospel to all nations.

      Dedicated October 7th, 1962