Urban Academy (URBACAD) offers discipleship and leadership training for everyone who is serious about serving Jesus Christ. The program uses principles and materials developed overseas for training pastors and leaders. It enables congregations to develop their own leadership for ministry in their own neighborhoods.

Immanuel has adopted the Urbacad material as our tool to help people grow from a new life in Christ to a fully committed disciple of Christ.  

An example of some of the URBACAD courses we offer;

Abundant Life
16 lessons for new Christians; teaching on basic doctrines and life as a Christian

The Light Of The Bible
A course for new believers which introduces the Bible, to be used after Abundant Life.  A ten week course

The Big Picture - An Overview of the Bible 

The Life of Christ - A Compendium of Practical Theology
A Compendium of Pastoral Theology, based on Matthew's Gospel, in 6 books. This series is a basic, integrated 2-3 year program to prepare Christian workers.


Book 1: Infancy
Jesus' birth, infancy and youth; the geography and political background in the Holy Land/Israel in Jesus' lifetime; the Roman Empire; the Herod family; the Kingdom of Heaven; the stages in Jesus' life and ministry; the genealogies of Matthew and Luke; Bible study techniques; Son of God and Son of Man; God's promises; His sovereignty.

Book 2: Year of Preparation
John the Baptist; confession of sin; Pharisees and Sadducees; the Trinity; the Apostles' Creed; the attributes of God; Jesus' temptations; His use of Scripture; inspiration of the Bible; leading others to Christ.

Book 3: Year of Popularity
Expansion of the Kingdom through Galilee and beyond; Edicts of the Kingdom; sermon preparation; prayer; Evidences of the Kingdom; science and miracles; Envoys of the Kingdom; Enemies of the Kingdom; Examples of the Kingdom; parables; Extending the Kingdom; personal testimony; planting churches.


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